A3 Appliances have been in business for over 50 years selling new appliances.

We have created a helpful rental service supplying to homeowners and landlords who need emergency replacement appliances.

Rentals on a short-term basis only (1 – 7 days) and the maximum is 4 weeks.

Why Rent Short Term 

Are you are waiting for a repair  or new appliance to be delivered and its going to take time.

Are  you are having a party / Barbecue or a big family get together  and need that extra refrigeration.

Why buy or be with out No long term contract 

Call today 020 8337 5800

We cover parts of Surrey and London, please contact us regarding your area and stock availability.

Sales available at http://www.a3appliances.co.uk

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For enquiries, contact us on 0208 337 5800 or email us below:

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